3 Bags of Vitel Water Beads

3 Bags of Vitel Water Beads

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1 bag of vitel water beads includes. 1 bag of vitel water beads and instructions. Vitel water beads are guaranteed to last forever and never need replacing.

Vitel Water Beads are an all-natural, Organic, energy enhanced water purifier and re-conditioner that restructures drinking water at the molecular level to fully refresh, hydrate and revive the body. The human body is mostly water; newborn babies are around 90% water, adults are around 70% and elders can be as low as 40% water.

Clinical studies prove that the quality of water one consumes directly affects the status of physical well-being. Drinkers of Vitel Water report feeling alive and refreshed with a clarity of thought and strength of mobility.

When Vitel Water Beads are placed in a 4-5 litre container of water… in 24 hours, that water is transformed into pristine water that is free of chlorine and most contaminants are neutralised. After 24 hours you can draw off and use 3 litres of pure and therapeutic water, and by adding 3 litres of water to the remaining 1-2 litres you can then draw off 3 litres of pure therapeutic water every 2 hours for the rest of your life!!

We have found that the best method is to fill your pot every night before you go to bed.

Above is based on 1 bag of Vitel Water beads. With 2 bags you need an 8-10 litre container and you can draw of 6-8 litres every 2 hours.

Vitel Water Beads are magnesium oxide. The most common source for magnesium oxide is seawater. It starts as a white powder and is then made into pellets and fired at high temperatures. The secret in Vitel Water Beads is the energy imbued in the chamber-charging process. The beads are placed in a chamber-charger for at least 10 days. The end product is virtually indestructible and will last forever. Vitel Water beads are from a new technology that allows us to make very fine “vital water” from virtually any source. This water measurably hydrates the body and has a favourable oxidation-reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body).

Vitel Water Beads do not dissolve in the water, and they last forever. They contribute no minerals, with the exception of magnesium to the water. When Vitel Water, which is much like dew, replaces the energy of common water, the new liquid is technically just water. However, these molecules are smaller and do not occupy as much space as other energies. Therefore, this water is far easier for living cells to absorb, and is a much better moisturiser. It works with magnesium to help the body heal itself. Pets, plants, and people really love it.

When you make Vitel Water, the Beads transform water at the molecular level and make what is known as thin water. The water forms single molecules of 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen atoms that are very tightly and permanently bound together, the water has smaller clusters of water molecules, making it more hydrating to the body’s cells. The chlorine in the water is dissipated and the water is as pure and pristine as glacial water.  It will super hydrate your body and you can afford to drink it all day.

When you drink Vitel Water your need for water is reduced because you are getting maximum benefit from the water that you drink and it is going right into the cells of your body. Use and drink intuitively in moderation on an as a need to basis, basically when you are thirsty. Recommended 8 glasses a day.

Please remember Vitel Water Beads last forever so it is a one-time purchase

Those who regularly buy spring water or bottled water of any kind will save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Plus there are no ongoing costs like replacing filters, and it doesn’t require electricity.

Vitel Water Beads have a lifetime guarantee!